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Ningbo Qishun Metal Products Co., Ltd. (Yuyao Xingda metal mesh belt factory) at the beautiful and affluent Yangtze River Delta, Yuyao City, Ningbo, now developed into a research and development, manufacturing, processing, sales for the integrated enterprise. The development of start-up companies so far, which sells products: metal conveyor mesh belt, stainless steel heat treatment, brazing processing, electric accessories, welding materials.
Metal conveyor mesh belt is widely used in high temperature heat treatment equipment, such as mesh belt quenching furnace, furnace brazing, sintering furnace, stainless steel annealing, quenching furnace etc. various conveying equipment and electronic chemical, food machinery....
Contact:Mr.Hu | 13805802554

[email protected] Qishun Metal Products Co., Ltd. Add:Moushan Town Yuyao Zhejiang Tel:86-574-62497527 Fax:86-574-62499269 Email:[email protected]
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